Monday, January 10, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Fresno Week 38: "Details, Details, Details"

Helloooooo from rainy Fresno!

Things are going quite splendidly up here in the San Joaquin Valley. Sister To'a and I are having ridiculous amounts of fun and success as we're gathering all the people into the

There is a recent convert ('07) in the ward who everyone calls Sister Jackie. But, we call her Momma. She is the most hilarious black woman of all time and she is an AMAZING missionary! There have been three people baptized just from her meeting them at bus stops. She has turned her life around is now the most crazy spiritual woman! We call her Momma J or Momma Jackie or just Momma and she just adds so much to the missionary work in the area! She's not afraid to open her mouth and can definitely talk the talk and walk the walk of those we are teaching!

We have added even more investigators to our teaching pool and were blessed to see many of them attend church this last Sunday! As we were sitting there, we just kept seeing family after family of investigators, recent converts that had gone less-active, and other families that hadn't been to church in months! Sister To'a and I were sitting on a bench that was really squeaky and so every time we'd turn around to check out who else had made it the bench made a VERY loud noise. It was hard to control our laughter and excitement and in combination with the rumbling of our stomachs it made for a noisy Sacrament Meeting.

Duh duh duhhhh! Mission update: We just got texting on our phone! It is a weird weird feeling to text members, investigators, and other missionaries but wow has it already proved to be a wonderful resource! I might have forgotten exactly how to be super efficient and speedy but it is all coming back to me now. It's amazing how many people use texting exclusively these days and now we're finally able to get in touch with them! They've been promising us this for months but we thought it was just an illusive tool, but it has finally come!

Sister To'a and I are gearing up for a training for our Ward Missionaries. We realized that the main difference between missionaries and members was that we receive training continually and practice how to go about sharing the gospel. So, we're having a mini-zone conference with our ward missionaries, ward mission leader, bishop, and high councilor over missionary work. We were able to talk to President Gonzalez about how to go about making this effective and to try and emulate his amazing teaching style. We have an outline ready and President is going to help us tweak it this week so that it can be inspiring and help everyone understand their role in this great work! We're really excited to help teach about how to use Preach My Gospel, to use the new Preach My Gospel DVDs and to show them how much potential for good is out there!

We are getting ready to lose many sisters in the mission. Four go home this month, two of which have been my companions! Sister Hernandez and Sister Tupou (my trainer) are leaving! That leaves only two sisters out longer than Sister To'a and I that are english speaking! Ahhhh!! We are so glad that we've been able to serve together.

I have been so blessed with my health. I am still getting sick, but fortunately every time we're in a position and place where it is okay. I am so grateful that I am being blessed to not have the work affected. I wake up early in the morning in pain and am able to take medicine early enough so that when I wake up at 6:30 the pain is taken care of.

We are just really seeing the hand of the Lord in our area and are able to serve with some awesome missionaries! Time flies by when you're having fun and doing the Lord's work!

Sister Bolliger

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