Monday, January 3, 2011

Elder Bolliger - San Bernardino, CA Week 20: Phone Call Questions and Answers & "Black Hole Year has Just Begun"

Comments from our Family Christmas Phone Call with Elder Bolliger:

Question: What was it like with the recent weather?

Answer: "We had a six day rain storm that started on Thursday and ended this past Wednesday. For three days it didn’t stop raining. It was weird. Not hard but constant rain. We were soaked from the water from biking. It would pool and collect. We had fun biking through the rain."

Question: What happened to your suit in the rain?

Answer: "You wear washable pants and dry out your shoes in the bathroom."

Question: How is your music (singing and piano) coming?

Answer: "I am brushing up on my musical skills."

Question: What are your thoughts on missionary ties.

Answer: "I sent a picture to grandpa of several cool ties I have. I like better trading ties and ties that are the "bomb." I love paisley’s now but not the 80’s colors. I love good ones. Skinny ties and wool one's too."

Question: What do you like to get in letters?

Answer: "How people are doing, what stuff is going on. How people have been. What they are doing recently. More up to date on what people are doing. Like family, extended family, family friends, stuff like that."

Question: What do you do for your devotional for Christmas in the San Bernardino Mission?

Answer: "The Valley met separate from the High Desert. We had lunch, sang songs, presentation, sang songs, received our mailed packages, conversed. For 4 ½ hrs. It was everyone’s giant meet up. 140 elders and 10 sisters everyone knows everyone else and talks for a couple hours. Pretty dang fun!"

Question: What is it like being a missionary and following the spirit?

Answer: "It is interesting how promptings come. Things to do that you would not have thought of by yourself. You can’t deny an impression."

(John's Mom....This week Elder John shared about an woman they have been teaching about the gospel. She has been learning and studying a lot! They are encouraged by her dedication and hope that she'll be able to progress in the gospel this next month or so.)

Here is the rest of his letter this week.

"Well for me, black hole year has just begun. And last week on the 28th, I turned 5 months old! (John's mom... this must be missionary lingo for time flying by and your age starting when you arrive on a mission). Its crazy to really see how fast time goes by and you have to work hard and it goes by faster. What I can't believe is that in less than a month ill be 6 months out. 1/4 the way through."

My old companion is my new zone leader. The district leaders go on splits with zone leaders. We are going to go in a couple weeks- cool.

Well I hope that yall have a wonderful week ahead!

Elder Bolliger

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