Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Fresno Week 39: Buckets of Fun, Preparing for Mini-Zone Conference, Miracles, Being "Bugged" but Keeping Working!

This week has continued to be splendid!

The climax of the week was when Daisy D entered the waters of baptism Sunday night! She comes from a great family and it was such a pleasure to see the whole family excited at her decision to be baptized! We had a lot of fun teaching her and she is the best little complimenter--always mentioning our earrings, scarves, headbands, or something that she thinks is cute. :) Her brothers gave talks at her baptism, both of them recently baptized as well, and it was so precious to see this family from Palau be unified about her chance to be baptized!

But here is where the real kicker comes in. Right after she was baptized, the plug got pulled on the font. Which meant that gurgling was heard for the rest of the evening. Haha. However, after all the refreshments had been eaten and the room put in order, we went out and saw someone from the Spanish Ward walking into the Relief Society room.

We inquired in our broken spanish what fantastic event was that evening, and we learned that the Elders had a baptism! We realized then that the font was empty and the baptism was in an hour! Eek! So, we ran to go and find them in the library where they were making the programs. We casually mentioned it and then our District Leader, Elder Gutierrez, started running and immediately disappeared. The detail we didn't know was that their baptism was actually to start in 30 minutes. Not one hour!

We went to go speak with our Bishop and get a few membership record numbers, and then went to see how things were going for the Elders. We went around the back of the font and proceeded to see the Elders with their jackets off, covered in water as they frantically used buckets from the Custodian closet to assist in filling the font. Feeling horrible and realizing that this predicament was due to our carelessness, we quickly assisted, sending them off to make sure that all of the arrangements for the baptism were underway.

The newer Elder to the companionship, Elder Ingold, would frequently pause for a photo moment, having the baptizee take candid shots of our attempts to get the water at the appropriate level. Haha. Then the Spanish Sisters from the Spanish branch came back and we had a moment of hilarity as we realized the craziness that was before this baptism. Haha.

Well, due to all of our efforts the font was at least at functioning level and things started just eight minutes late. :) What a wonderful Sabbath day! Haha.

We're continuing to see success and actually we're really working hard on training our ward missionaries to understand their purpose so that we can all be unified together! We were actually able to sit down with President Gonzalez and talk about our outline and vision for this training and he was able to give us some tips and suggestions so this can be an effective mini-Zone Conference for the ward mission leader, ward missionaries, Bishop, and High Councilor over missionary work! We've been doing little steps along the way, but this is the big kick off for all of us understanding our role in the Lord's work!

Sister To'a continues to amaze me with her craziness and faith. We have chortled so many evenings after lights out, had so much fun while teaching lessons, talked so much about how the mission has blessed our lives, and just had the best time being able to serve together again! We went to a Tongan family's home last night and it was so fun being able to hear the language, drink 'otai, eat ribs, and be the only palangi around! :)

Miracles continue to abound and we've been able to follow the spirit and get into homes that were closed before, teach families, and see our efforts pay off in helping others come unto Christ!

We talked to Sister Gonzalez the other day and she told us to really enjoy this transfer because things are going to be tough after this! We have lots of new sisters coming in, lots of changes coming up, and basically Sister To'a and I aren't going to be serving together any more (most likely)!

The exterminator came again this morning and so hopefully we'll get rid of the bugs soon. They are EVERYWHERE. We have to keep everything in ziploc bags so the bugs won't get to things while we're gone or sleeping. Haha. It's rather nasty but is another thing to keep us out working!

I just love the gospel and am so glad that I have the chance to serve here in the California Fresno Mission!!

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