Monday, January 3, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Fresno Week 37: "Missionary Work is ON FIRE, My Companion is HILARIOUS, and the Work of the Lord is Moving Swiftly Swiftly Forward!"

Greetings from Fresno 5th ward where the missionary works is ON FIRE, my companion is HILARIOUS, and the work of the Lord is moving swiftly swiftly forward!

It is SO much fun to serve with Sister To'a AGAIN. It's only been a few days and we have laughed SO much! :) I am learning more Tongan and just revelling in ridiculousness. The phrase of the transfer is, "What was President thinking?" He knows how much fun we have so we continue to wonder at the privilege of serving together.

The missionary work here is BLOWING up. We found nine new investigators in the last three days. It is absolutely exhausting! Every day there seem to be so many miracles that I can't even keep track of! These people are TRULY prepared to hear the gospel and Sister To'a and I are working our hardest to truly follow the Spirit and teach what they need!

Fresno 5th isn't perfect though. When I got to the Apartment (which Elders inhabited six weeks ago) I found a disgusting amount of cockroaches. And bugs. And all things nasty. I even refused to shower that first day. Maybe that's why we're having so many miracles here--we're on a spiritual high so that we don't even care about our extra roommates (cockroaches). Management is coming with an Exterminator tomorrow though, and we get to deep clean today and I am using my skills at getting the smell of (the former tenants) out in just a few hours!

There are some scary areas particular street is called "Sin City" but with a Tongan at my side and my huge black purse that weighs more than I would care to admit, we have no fear. :)

Sister Bolliger

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