Monday, January 10, 2011

Elder Bolliger - San Bernardino, CA Week 21: Phone Call, Moving Apartments, Splits with Zone Leader - Elder Hall, Praying for Progress

So about 2 weeks ago I had just taken lunch and was sitting in bed when I heard the phone ring, hmmm I thought this is strange so I as I look at the phone it has an 801 number, okay this just got weirder as why is a utah phone number calling me, then I look at the rest of it and it says 801-455- and then I'm like why is a familiar utah phone number calling me?

So I answer the phone and its Uncle Al, I think to myself, what the heck is uncle al calling me for? He tells me that he talked to President Godwin and he wants to take me and my companion out to lunch and that he is bringing Britton and that he will be there in 2 hours. How in the world did Uncle Al get my missionary cell phone number and that he will be here in 2 hours.

So three hours later after an intense rain storm uncle al rolls up with britton in a denali and we go out to this good place called pat and oscars. We had a really good discussion about how he comes down here to riverside and fontana about once a week and buys cars and then drives them back up, he also told me of a good book called "Drawing upon the powers of heaven" by Grant Von Harrison that helps to use prayer and draw upon the powers of heaven to find people ready to receive the gospel and use that effectively.

Well this past week we have been in the process of finally cleaning and moving apartments. Which really uncovers a ton of stuff that gets piled up in missionary apartments, it would really surprise you what random stuff you find in there (we split the ward). While driving on their bikes the other elder's carried took some stuff that we didnt want back to their place.

Well this past week our Zone Leaders have been doing challenges like get so many houses knocked, find the quote in the Book of Mormon, white handbook and stuff like that. So this past week we increased our numbers and we found some possible new investigators. We tracted into one guy on Wednesday while on exchanges with my former companion Elder Hall. This area has a lot of older, retired people so its an interesting thing up here to talk to people.

In regards to our other investigator, this is a interesting situation that I am hoping will be resolved and that she can be baptized soon.

Well thats my week.

Have a good week yall!

Elder Bolliger

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