Friday, December 24, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 35:The Hood, Amazing Chocolateness, Santa Clause & Lights, Bolliger Genetics, Transfers?

Hello from Visalia!

We received a phone call the other day from a number we did not recognize. Sister Denton answered and discovered that it was a member from another ward in this area. He then asked if she was the tall one. She wasn't quite sure how to respond, due to the fact that we are similar in height. She said that she guessed she was the short one. He then said that he had something for the tall Sister--for Sister Bolliger. He said that he had been wearing a particular raincoat he had and noticed that the hood was very roomy. His next thought was that the hood might be big enough to fit my hair. :) For real. He asked if Sister Denton thought I would like it. She said that she'd have me call him. When the story was related to me I decided that whatever color or condition this coat would be in--I would take it. Haha. If only for a photo moment. I called this Brother back and he described to me that it was very bright and was perfect for me. The next night he brought it to our apartment. Oh my goodness. I agree--the hood is VERY roomy. Haha. I just thought it was hilarious that a member of another ward would be thinking about my hair. I think that gives some indication as to how long I've been here. :)

There was another amazing part of our week: the three layer chocolate layer cake from heaven. A member of the ward cooked us dinner to go and this amazing chocolateness was part if it. It was divine and given to us on a crystal cake platter. Oh my goodness. Just one tiny little slice is so rich and wonderful. And I am making myself SO hungry at the moment. It's 2:28PM and we haven't eaten since 7:30AM. Haha. But that cake is waiting for us at home! :)

We had a "Specialized Training" this last week with three zones in the southern part of the mission and Santa Clause was there!! It was a special treat to be able to see Santa and Mrs. Clause and prepare for the Christmas season! We were able to receive instruction from President Gonzalez and Sister Gonzalez, be fed, and prepare ourselves for this wonderful time of year!

There is a house in my area that puts on light and snow shows every evening. It has timed lights and snow. These Visalians are so creative!

So, I received a phone call from President the other day. I thought that perhaps I was being chastised for something (guilty conscience maybe?) but I was surprised to hear that my precious brother in San Bernadino had called my Mission President! He had received permission and called to confirm that he would be allowed to talk to me on Christmas (which my Mission President hadn't approved yet). Apparently they have a transfer before Christmas and he wasn't sure how he'd be able to find out my phone number to call me if he got transferred. I asked President what bad thing he had done to deserve talking to TWO Bolligers in one day! He chuckled and I reminded him that this personality is genetic. :) Leave it to John to get special permission to talk on Christmas!

I can't believe that another transfer has passed by! We find out this weekend about transfers, and then will move on the 29th. I have honestly no idea what will happen this time! I'm nervous for moving because I have SO MUCH STUFF! Haha.

Merry Merry Christmas!!!

Sister Bolliger

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