Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 34: Cartoon Characters come to Life, Obedience and the Car Wash, Heart Felt New Convert Prayers,

Hello from Visalia.

Sister Denton and I think that we should be allowed to call John Walsh because I think we've found most everyone they're looking for on America's Most Wanted. The other day Sister Denton and I were leaving an appointment and she went to her usual position to back the car up. Because we're just that obedient. It was dark and all of the sudden we saw this really creepy looking man coming near us. I hadn't entered the car yet and began to motion for her to come to the vehicle. As I got a better look at this particular creeper, I saw the Hun from Mulan! He had the crazy long hair and the crazy look. He had the arms of his jacket just flapping in the wind and his hands sitting near the front. To top off his rather interesting look he had on a mean pair of sunglasses. He sauntered over before we could do anything else and asked if we had any spare change. It was dark outside and we were alone and so I did the best thing I could think of--get in the car, lock the doors, and then prepare to spear him with our bike rack if necessary. It really freaked Sister Denton out. Hahah. I just was glad I had seen a cartoon character come to life!

Speaking of our bike rack and obedience, we went through an automatic car wash yesterday to allow our mission vehicle to look stunning per usual. However, the car wash things got STUCK on the bike rack. As it tried to move it lifted our car up by the back wheels. Hahahha. We had the plastic things stuck in the bike rack all day yesterday. Oh the things we go through to be obedient!

The highlight of the week was Chuck--yet again. At Church he had been assigned to give the closing prayer in Sacrament meeting. Previously we had an interesting version of a prayer by a recent convert (that lasted ten minutes and involved reading a cartoon out loud over the pulpit) so I took some time to talk with Chuck before the meeting started. He had a little list of things to pray about. As he rehearsed with me I teased him about there not being anything about the missionaries! He responded that he had been thinking about what he would say for the missionaries for the last three days and that it would be a surprise. Chuck started getting antsy as the closing hymn began but went up and did his thing after it ended. I have never heard a more heartfelt prayer! He thanked Heavenly Father for the restored gospel, for Joseph Smith, and asked a special blessing upon the missionaries that we would feel the love of Heavenly Father as we were away from our families. Both Sister Denton and I teared up. To see how far this man has come since the last part of August has been such a privilege! Somehow a crazy redheaded balding ex-Rodeo star has turned into this spiritual giant! He comes to gospel principles with the page numbers of every scripture written down, with the lesson previously studied, and with questions so that he can learn more. It's awesome!

Sister D and I continue to laugh along through the transfer. Sister Denton had some dental work done the other week and after the x-rays were taken the dental assistant asked if she would like her sister to come back while she had her cleaning. We apparently look similar. I guess there aren't too many pasty redheads around!?

Sister Denton and I talk so much that the other day we had both run out of things to say! It was a very unusual bit of silence. We paused, looked at each other in shock, and then proceeded to just make up things to say to one another. Haha. Who ever thought that would happen to Sister Bolliger? I guess miracles do happen. Lol.

We're teaching wonderful families and people and just learning everyday more and more about agency and the atonement!!!!!

Sister Bolliger

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