Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 33: Wonderful Day at the Temple. Nearing Half Way Point, Finding Amazing People in Visalia, FOG!

Dec 7, 2010

I just got back from the temple and on the computadora!

Today was an awesome day! Our preparation day got switched to Tuesday because today was the wonderful day that we were able to attend the temple in Fresno! A precious sister from the ward gave all four sisters from Visalia a ride and it was a much needed boost! I so wish that we could go more frequently. The mission policy is currently to go every 3 transfers, or every 4.5 months. However, the last time we went was in JUNE! It was special to go and reflect upon why I am here on a mission--to save souls! To help people know the things they need to do to return to our Heavenly Father again!

I cannot believe that the Christmas season is in full swing! I feel like things have been revving up since August and it is hard to imagine that the end of December marks my halfway point! I can't believe that 2011 is upon us! I remember that it was a year from this Christmas Eve that I received my mission call. My does it move quickly!

We have found some amazing people in Visalia. We are working with several part member families, helping to reactivate the husband and help the wife come into the waters of baptism. There have been some choice ward members that have jumped on the Sister Missionary bandwagon and are helping us navigate the complexities and unique situations of the ward to help nurture a missionary spirit in the area! I am so grateful to have Sister Denton here amidst all of this! She is such a trooper and we have had waaay too many laughing fits for it to not even be a full month that we've been together. We are frequently a local gym in the mornings as the ridiculous Valley air gets her asthma going when we exercise outside. It has been odd to be assaulted by the televisions and worldliness. I have an amazing strategy. I bring an Ensign to read while exercising or simply take my glasses off. I so love the feeling of being apart from the world! Sister Denton is a die hard exerciser and oh goodness I am still struggling to get up every morning...let alone exercise. *shudder* haha.

I absolutely love the scriptures. I was able to teach the lesson on Sunday in Gospel Principles (on the fly actually) and it was quite the opportunity to reflect on the nature of God. As we discussed scriptures and attributes of our Heavenly Father I was struck at the magnitude of my calling---to be a representative of Jesus Christ. I have often reflected upon what I would do if the Lord were my companion, how I would go about teaching, finding, and dealing with members in the ward. It is quite a humbling pattern of thought! I am so grateful for this chance to grow. It is as if any personality flaw or character hiccup are magnified on the mission, but I am so grateful for the magnifying glass effect as I can more quickly identify and tackle the many problems that I am graced with. :)

There aren't many clever things to say this week. While the week has been full of hilarity none of it would translate very well via the interwebs. Haha. I think the corny humor of Sister Denton and myself is best left to be taken part of in person.

I must put my foot down, however. This fog thing is ridiculous. You lose vision, you lose comfort, and you lose safety. All while attempting to still get somewhere. I personally am not a fan of the fog. It just lets me know what it would be like if I was truly severely nearsighted. Which I experience already! The other day we were driving in the morning and the windshield had not yet defrosted and I was driving in the fog. If I had not been here for six months I would have refused to leave! You would not know where the road was if you hadn't driven it before! Ahhh! No bueno. They were not clear about this in our call letter. Haha. Extreme temperatures, fog, and crazy dairies. Hahah. It's been quite the adjustment!

Keep up the faith! The church is true although the people aren't perfect!

Sister Bolliger

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