Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Elder Bolliger - San Bernardino, CA Week 19: "Seven Years of Investigating ... Finally Culminated With His Baptism", Awesome Christmas Calls to Family

This past Christmas week we were blessed to have a baptism to Mike C who was an investigator who has been investigating the church for more than 7 years.
He is an awesome guy who up until about 8 weeks ago was slowly and gradually progressing towards baptism. An elder named Elder Thompson who served in this ward about a year ago and was now in a ward which area covered this stake and parts of others would keep in touch and visit him every once in a while.
About 7 weeks ago he went and visited him and checked up on him and how he was doing. They discussed a number of different things which included baptism and that night set a baptismal date. So in the weeks progressing from then up until this past week we taught him all of the things that he needed to know, he knew everything because he had been investigating for so long and had been taught every thing but he wanted to make sure again. We had a number of very good lessons with him and he was getting worried and anxious about it but we told him he had nothing to worry about, he did everything that he was supposed to do, read the Book of Mormon, go to church, and pray which are the 3 things that bring us the closest to our Heavenly Father.
The 7 years of investigating that he did finally culminated with his baptism yesterday the December of 26th, 2010.

Also on the 25th I was able to call my family and Katie who is serving in Fresno. It was an awesome thing to talk about all sorts of things.

Well I have a little less time today,
Elder Bolliger

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