Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Elder Bolliger - San Bernardino, CA Week 17: "How time has flied by."

Well this next week will be week six in San Bernardino California, its just crazy to think how fast the time I have spent here has gone by, well just yesterday my sickness finally cleared up, its so nice to breathe clearly and here in sunny and warm southern California, yes its 80 degrees here and nice and sunny.
Isnt that an awesome temperature for Christmastime? well I really wouldn't want it to be so warm, just be a little cooler and ill be alright. but I guess thats southern California for ya, some crazy weather here.

Well these past couple weeks have been an eventful bunch for me and my companion. We are actively working with two people right now and progressing towards baptism, right now we are teaching mike and lala, two investigators that are going to get baptized, mike is the father of a family we are friends with and as of about 4 weeks ago decided it was time to get baptized finally. We have been and are going over there to teach him what he needs to know before he is baptized, and he is eating it up, we are looking forward to his baptism on the 26th of December, which is coming up quite soon. Less than 2 weeks away.

On the other hand our other investigator, lala is preparing herself to get baptized, she keeps on reading everything we are assigning her and now that entails reading the book of Mormon from the beginning, which is a wonderful way to read the book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon, read from the beginning really teaches you a lot about faith and obedience to gods commandments from the get go, and as you go through it just solidifies that it is another testament of Jesus Christ and the prophets who recorded revelation and events in there were divinely guided to include what they did and its just incredible.

Well the weather here in southern California has just been insane. Its like 80 degrees for a high today and sunny with a nice blue sky, I thought its supposed to be cooler than that here. Well I guess not.

Well I hope that yall have a good week moving forward!

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