Monday, October 11, 2010

Elder Bolliger - Colton, CA Week 8: malo e lelei, fefe hake? marhaball, shalom kadeema? hola, como estan?

Wow yesterday was incredible.

Yesterday we had the baptism of Marcos who is a 11 year old son of a now active woman named Victoria who is someone that the Gospel has influenced and brought back onto the path and is holding onto the iron rod so so strongly. At the baptism we had very good attendance and I could feel the spirit so strongly in there, when Elder Hall and Marcos were changing people could come up and bear their testimonies, I felt prompted to do so and I went and bore mine first on the atonement and Jesus Christ and the saving ordinances, then some other people did as well then a bunch of little kids also came up and bore their testimonies, some of them not even baptized yet, the spirit was so strong there you could almost cut it with a knife. After giving a talk on baptism I gave Marcos the gift of the Holy Ghost, wow that was very spiritual as well, and gave him a blessing too.

So far I have had some incredible experiences on my mission and this last week I had the best day I have had so far and my companion agrees that its been one of the best, it was this past Friday and it started out waking up at 5:45 am to go play indoor soccer in our local ward building, that game was pretty fun and we had a good time and then we had a great personal & companionship study then we went with our roommates to our favorite place for weekly planning, Starbucks, which we love getting the non-coffee drinks there and do our weekly planning for this next week. Then we went to the church for another basketball workout with an investigator and challenged him to read the book of mormon and pray to know about its truthfulness.

Next, we taught another girl that was recently baptized by her grandfather into the church, another awesome lesson. Then we went to the Bowlers and had 2 great lessons one with Marcos who was baptized yesterday and the other with a sister and her four children who we are working on and probably gonna get baptized in the next couple of weeks. Our lesson which we taught was on Obedience because them being kids aren't exactly the most obedient and it went over very very well. It was that night that we had another district leader interview with Marcos and it went over well and he was ready for baptism. And at the end of the day we went on a nice jog and sprints/ leg work outs and stuff.
It was the best day so far!
Well I hope that yall have a great week where ever yall are!
And go forward with faith!
Elder Bolliger

We received the following e-mail this week from the Bowler family in John's ward. We wanted to share a little bit. The Gospel brings out the best in each of us and it is Good! - The Texas Bolligers :)

... I have the privilege of having Elder Bolliger in my home often for discussions and meals. He is doing very well as a missionary and is having success.

I have seen a lot of growth in him since his first day here. He and Elder Hall work really well together. The young people they are teaching like him a lot. My four year old grandson, Cole LOVES "Eddabodiga."

Elder Bolliger knows when he comes to my home that I want to be taught something.... and he is always ready and happy to teach me something he has learned from his personal studies that day.

You have raised a good son that is willing to make this sacrifice to teach my friends in this area. Your son blesses my life and I'm grateful! ...

Hooray for the Gospel!
Sister Bowler

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