Monday, October 4, 2010

Elder Bolliger - Colton, CA Week 7: Being Filled!

Well this past week has been full.

This past week was transfer meetings and General Conference, so it felt like we didn't have any time.

Its really sad to see investigators and recent converts lose their hold on the rod as they start slipping and sliding from their previous position, but I hope that someone can reach out to them later in life if we are unable too. But for every bad thing that happens out here, a good thing takes its place.

So I'll start with Thursday/Friday. We had over a less active member with her four kids. We were talking with the mom and we set a date with them for baptism on the 16th & 17th of this next month. So that means that as of right now we have 4 baptisms coming up! One this weekend and 3 the following. It is very exciting to see people have a desire and want to progress.

Well the last couple days here have been General Conference!
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Which being out on a mission and watching it is completely different as you are thirsting for the knowledge and I think I ended up taking somewhere around 22 pages of notes over all of the sessions. In the Priesthood session some of those talks were just powerful, especially President Uchtdorf's and President Monson's talk, another one that I got a lot out of was Elder Packer's talk in the Sunday morning session where he talked on how one of the hardest parts of forgiveness is forgiving yourself. And I really enjoyed conference as a whole this year more then in years past.

Well I am looking forward to Southern California being cooler than it has been the past. Some days its been pretty hot and humid here, kinda reminds me of home. But it should start cooling off soon.

In this email I am attaching pictures, one is of Elder Hall and I, who right now is my current companion and still training me but now being district leader.

The other picture (not posted) is of Eliza who was just baptized two weeks ago and her mom is coming back into the church and her dad is not a member.

The other picture is of a culinary growing experience on my mission. These are Octapi. I've also had pork skin and Lingua which is Cow Tongue. If the Lingua is prepared in the right way isn't too bad just a little rubbery.

Well I hope everyone has a great week and always trust in the lord with all your heart, might, mind and strength!

Elder Bolliger

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