Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 24: No Clouds!Loved General Conference! "I Know You Love the Lord!" Amazing Lessons, Health Hiccup - no stress!

Greetings from freezing Visalia! The weather here is crazy. We had a ridiculous heat spell and then all of a sudden it's raining and 65 degrees. And this is a place where there aren't even ever clouds! I am so cold! I was wrapped up in my snuggie and slippers during studies this morning just trying to keep all of my appendages functioning.

What an awesome week it has been! It was the wonderful week of meetings! We had some amazing Sister training in Fresno and then completely loved General Conference! I can't believe that this weekend marked my six months on the mish! I feel like I should be more knowledgeable than I feel right now.. but I guess that's what turning to the Lord is for!

General Conference was AMAZING! I was in the MTC for the last one so it was interesting to see how I had grown spiritually and the kinds of questions I took and answers that I sought for certain investigators. A wonderful sister in the ward drove us to each session and fed us for lunch. It was so amazing that we were able to hear and listen to a prophet's voice! I took loads of notes but tried to focus more on what I was learning from the Spirit than the specific words that were being said. I loved Elder Bednar's (of course), Elder Oak's, Elder Christofferson, and President Uchtdorf's talks. My goodness. There is so much wisdom they have to give us! I loved the idea that we need to slow down when going through difficult patches. It spoke tons to me as I am contemplating another transfer of growth and need to allow myself to take things at the optimal pace for my spiritual, physical, and emotional benefit.

Transfers are this Wednesday, and Sister Clark is leaving me heading to Lemoore! Where there is a Naval Air base. Sound a little oxymoronic? I thought so too. Haha. She gets to be in a trio with one of my old companions Sister To'a...the one who taught me how to flick Tongan style. Heheh. I know they'll have fun! And I, Sister Bolliger, am training. Again! Ahhhhhh. She is from Mongolia. And learned English in the MTC. There are 21 missionaries coming in this transfer and she is the lone sister! There are many missionaries in my zone training and actually one of the assistants is now coming here to be a district leader. We're rocking the mission and we've got to maintain the Visalia reputation! :)

When President Gonzalez calls you to ask you to train, he always begins with the question, "Sister or Elder So-and-so, do you love the Lord?" Well, this time, President didn't even ask me the question. Hahah. He said, "Sister Bolliger, I know you love the Lord and I know that you'll love to train the sister from Mongolia!" Ahem. I didn't hear any question marks in there. Haha. Thankfully I do love the Lord, but my am I getting a lot of chances to turn to Him!

Todd is progressing beautifully! We have had some amazing lessons with him and he is really really changing his life! I love watching how his countenance has developed as he has been receiving the lessons. He came to the afternoon session of Conference and was amazed! He asked if there was a way he could watch the other sessions because he had to work Saturday. When we informed him of the November issue of the Ensign he immediately asked what he needed to do to get one! He has experienced many challenges in his life but he keeps thanking us for finding and teaching him when we did because it is only blessing!

I had a little health hiccup the other day. We were at one of the sisters meetings in Fresno when all of a sudden I began to feel deathly ill. Sister Clark accompanied me outside for a bit of fresh air and we were quickly met by Sister Gonzalez. I happened to get sick when we were roleplaying with other companionships so Sister Clark was ushered off to practice and Sister Gonzalez became my companion. The pain was pretty unbearable so I was practically forced to lay down on the couch in the foyer of the mission office. Hahah. Yeah. Super rad. I just breathed and chatted with Sister Gonzalez until the pain subsided. But it was quite a random flare up of pain. I realized that I was feeling so because I was so anxious about transfers. Haha. And had been slightly stressed out this transfer with lots of crazy things and crazy people in this area. I just did some precious visualization and was able to get back up on my feet. It is amusing to lay on a couch in the mission office though. :) Sister Gonzalez is fabulous and we just laughed together at my ridiculous and random pain.

Things are going well! The Church is true! And God loves us!

Adios amigos!

Sister Bolliger

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