Monday, October 25, 2010

Elder Bolliger - Colton, CA Week 10: Wonderful Ward of Colton, Reading Book of Mormon in 30 days, Very Special Sunday, Prepared to Receive, 2 Nephi 31

Hello again from the wonderful ward of Colton, California.

Elder Hall and I have decided to read the Book of Mormon together in 30 days, right now I am in Mosiah Chapter 18 and am a little behind but it is really strengthening my testimony of the Book of Mormon and the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yesterday it was Sunday and it was a very,very special Sunday as it was the primary program and also to our amazement we had 2 new investigators come out of the blue. One of them was a friend of a less active member who came into sacrament and sat down right next to us. As well, a lady appeared out of the blue and decided to come into church and wants to be taught the gospel, its incredible to see the work moving forward and to see people prepared to receive it. The work in this ward is moving forward with good speed.

This past week was a long one as every day we had district meetings that lasted longer than 2 hours, it seemed to cut into our day but this next week we do not have meetings at all and it should be an awesome one. But the week after once again we have too have district meetings again, we are re-learning the doctrine of Christ which focuses around 2 Nephi 31 and committing people to baptism.

This transfer is going by way too fast, all of the sudden its week five and I am asking myself, what happened the past 4 weeks? but I look by and I see that we have gotten a lot of work done and we are preparing people for baptism and doing a lot of work with members and their friends, it seems like this is a great way for people to stay in the church.

Well there are only 2 more weeks until transfers and its something that I am looking forward too and not looking forward too at the same time, mixed emotions are sure there.

Well I hope that yall have a great week wherever you may be!

Elder Bolliger

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