Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Sister Bolliger - Visalia Week 26: Autumn Weather, HIT of the Zone Conference - Again, Amazing Baptism, English Improving 175%, Loving It All!

Hello again from the wonderful land of the Library.

Today it is actually sixty degrees outside which is a blessing from heaven. I am freezing absolutely freezing, but Sister Bayasal finally thinks it's perfect outside. We had random heat.. in the mid-90s then some random rain (of course right after we washed and waxed our car) and then it's down to the beautiful brisk autumn weather.

So I got hit in the head by a football yesterday. I just seem to be accident prone. I am highly aware that in fact I do have quite a bit of surface area but my propensity to be hit by any and every object at Zone Activities is quite alarming...albeit impressive. We were at a members house in Exeter (which was AMAZING, btw) and as I was bending down to help the 3-year-old child write his name on a cup to get some lemonade, I was struck in the left temple. Of course the first response of the Elders is some immediate laughter and then some concern by those who have already reached the year mark. I asked if I HAD to be hit at every zone activity and also commented that it was alright--I had a headache anyway. :) I had a little moment with Sister Hernandez when some tears were shed (it HURT!) but then I got to ice it and inflict as much guilt as possible--which I am quite good at. :)

The highlight of the weekend was Todd's baptism. My word does that man glow! He was so excited for his baptism and arrived 1.5 hours early to make sure that he wouldn't be late. :) He was baptized by a man in the ward who knew him 3 years ago through work.. and it was just wonderful. Todd also came 1 hour early to church so that he would make sure everything was good for the confirmation. I had him ask the men he wanted to stand in the circle (with a little prodding..) and he was just bouncing in the bench ready to receive the Holy Ghost. He even asked Chuck, our last recent convert, to be in the circle to which Chuck replied, "I can't man, I only have the Aaronic priesthood." I just kind of stared at them. Hahahah. Chuck is doing his homework! In our Gospel Principles class Chuck asked how we can know our lineage--he really wanted to know which tribe he is from! He got to have a little explanation of a patriarchal blessing and my word if he's not excited! We have some new member temple baptisms coming up in November and they are both stoked. It's kind of overwhelming to be witness to these individuals that are just so ready. They both have such willing hearts and a desire to learn that I am completely amazed!

Sister Bayasal is doing marvelously! Her English has improved 175% (to be exact) in the last week and it is hilarious. She's finally catching on to sarcasm/jokes/hilarity and it's really fun to tease her and watch her process what I'm saying and then guffaw. She is just going for English and works insanely hard! She said the closing prayer in Church on Sunday and we were rehearsing for the two days previous. She does not like making mistakes but I then pretend to speak Mongolian and it usually makes her feel more comfortable speaking English. By the way, English is crazy. In explaining syntax, pronunciation, and vocabulary, I have been amazed at the randomness of English. Perhaps that's why I like it so much! I have been having her lead in lessons and practice her sentences and it's been wonderful to watch her succeed! She is still amazed at how white I am and that I am so crazy. I guess many things can be communicated through the language barrier!

The mission is just literally FLYING by. Sometimes I sit back during personal study or right before bed and marvel at how quickly things move during this time! I'm like.. when do I get ridiculously gospel smart and everything? I just feel like I'm not taking complete advantage of the mission! Ahh! Hahah. Leave it to Sister Bolliger to stress herself out. I am having intense dreams about investigators, the ward, the area, and missionary work in general. So that means I'm usually more tired when I wake up then when I went to bed. Haha.

I pretty much love this ward and Sister Bayasal. I feel this ridiculous weight on my shoulders but I find the best way to counteract that is to move forward. Haha. And breathe of course.

And with that the Church is true, the winter is coming, and my hair is growing!

Sister B

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