Monday, February 28, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 45: Painfully Getting to Know Every Couch in the Church, I Understand Spanish!!!, Sister Austin, No Way Jose!

Well things have been a bit interesting here. This week I have been plagued with sickness. Hahah. Such a joy!
We had an awesome zone conference on Thursday, and I was able to stay in my seat for most of the meeting, but then as my Mission President came up to do his amazing thing and then BOOOOOM. The pain hit. I found myself collapsed to the floor in the hallway outside. Just bawling. Poor Sister Lemalu had no idea what to do! She went in and got our mission president's wife who is our medical contact, and I just started sobbing. It was highly embarassing. Hahah. Then, I was commanded to go lay down on yet another couch in a church building. As I was laying there, just breathing, I came to the realization that I have indeed laid down on every couch in every building I have served in! Oh the joys of consistent pain. Hahah. This week I have been knocked out of comission far too frequently. But thankfully I have been blessed with a calm, wonderful, laid back, understanding polynesian companion. :) Aren't those the best?
However, the beautiful thing is that we have been able to teach many people in Spanish this week and I have been able to understand!!!!! I am attending the Spanish Gospel Essentials class and Spanish Relief Society class and while sometimes my brain feels like it's on overdrive to follow how quickly they're speaking, I am able to comprehend!! I am voraciously going after reading "El Libro De Mormon" and I think that is really helping. :) While my Spanish is certainly not perfect, I am for real seeing miracles as I am able to talk and testify about the truth with those that we visit!
I continue to be teased that I am from Austin, Texas. The favorite joke of the ward is that both of the sister missionaries are foreigners: an Australian and a Texan. :) These Californians are just so jealous that they don't reside in the BEST STATE EVERRRR! Because many can't pronounce my name, I have been given nicknames such as "Sister Austin," "Sister Texas," "Hermana Loca," "Hermana Tejana" --- the list continues. :)
I had the privilege of meeting a very special person--no other than Jose H. Sister Lemalu is quite hot stuff and many many males are highly intrigued by her slender Samoan form and her amazing Aussie accent. This week we visited one such individual who is infatuated with my companion. He had contacted Sister Lemalu and her previous companion, by yelling out to them as they were in an apartment complex. They went to talk with him, and gave him their information to get him on a Church Tour. Well...instead of calling to come on a church tour, he called to invite Sister Lemalu to the movies last week. :) After explaining what we do as missionaries, and how we are off limits for this eighteen months, he sounded like he understood. We were in his neighborhood yesterday and went to visit him, and now I think our suspicions of his intentions are confirmed. :) Hahah. It was hilarious. I was trying so hard to stay focused and hope that this man would want to learn more about the gospel...but sadly no. We have concluded we will not go visit him again. Hahahha. I told Sister Lemalu she just needs to stop speaking and start eating. Lol.
In all this week has been full of laughter, tears, spanish, reading, working, and basking in the fact that Lemoore is so small and the streets are so easy to learn!!!!!
"Sister Austin," "Sister Texas," "Hermana Loca," "Hermana Tejana" --- the list continues. :)

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