Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 44: ... Suffering for our "fish?", Still Strong New Mission President, Supportive Ward, Best Prep Day on Mission!

Hello again.
Are you ready to hear of my Spanish glitch?

Well, I was teaching the Atonement at a Spanish family's home. We were discussing Alma 7:11-13 about how Jesus Christ suffered for our sins.
Well....in Spanish the word for "sin" is "pecado" and the word for "fish" is "pescado". Yeah. Well, in a very spiritual moment, I testified that Jesus Christ did suffer for our fish. :) The laughter that followed was priceless. As soon as I uttered the wrong word in Spanish I began to chuckle along with the family. It was quite hilarious. While it did kind of change the tone of the lesson, it was quite a memorable moment. :)
We found out about our new Mission President--no other than Larry Gelwix--the Highland Rugby coach! I have been super nervous about who will replace President Gonzalez (because he is amazing) and it is exciting to hear that we'll continue to have a dynamic Misison President! We already have members that are watching "Forever Strong" in preparation to meeting him. Haha.
We're having lots of fun down here. Lemoore is a town of a bit less than 25,000--a big change from Fresno. But...the people are kind and the ward is amazingly supportive! Sister Lemalu and I are very excited for this week as we have a lot of promising appointments with potential investigating families and are just ready to get down to work!
This last preparation day was probably the best of my mission. A family in the ward, the Sargetis, have a son on a mission in Argentina. They offered to let us do their laundry at their house. And, in the meantime, invited us to come and sit on their couches and write our letters while the wash was being done. It was AMAZING! We rushed around like crazy Monday morning after studies, cleaning, washing the car, doing grocery shopping, and getting everything we needed to done for the day so that we could relax at their home! I have missed couches so much. We wrote tons of letters, watched The Testaments DVD, and just had an amazingly fabulous time. :) To top it all off, the Sister has Oxiclean which really helped get stains out of our clothes! What a miracle product. Hahahah.

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