Monday, February 14, 2011

Elder Bolliger - San Bernardino, CA Week 25: Missionaries jumping into action, New Companion, Good Lessons, Filling My Spiritual Gas Tank Daily!

Well last Monday, an Elder who lives in the other
apartment ( there are two, mine has the Spanish North and San B 1st North while the other is Spanish South and the San B 1st South guys) jumped a 9 foot fence and helped to pull out one of the passengers and then left before the fire department could get there before going the hike. Yes he is in my zone and yes I see him and his companion almost every other day... Actually where that plane crashed is like less than 2 miles from my apartment.

So he really didn't like all of the publicity but in reality its been good for public relations, like everyone has heard about it and pretty much last week when I was e-mailing he came in and said oh I pulled a guy out of a plane, I was thinking really? You look fine but yeah he did and he kind of risked more problems because he could have injured him more or more. But he did the right thing at the right time and helped save a guy, amazingly one of the guys in the crash was moved out of ICU into a much more stable area but he has not gone and seen
him yet.

Well me and my companion, Elder Southworth from Utah have been here in San Bernardino California now for 2 weeks. And this transfer is starting to fly by. This past week we have been going around seeing less actives and looking for new people to teach... And we are updating our area book and the ward directory. This past week we had some good lessons especially with an investigator who is anxiously waiting to get baptized. We didn't have any "miracle moments" as
we do sometimes, but since the Gladys Knight Saints Unified Voices choir we have some referrals from friends of people that are interested in hearing about our message. This week we will be meeting with the main one of them. I'm hoping that we can start teaching them.

Well my religious thought for this past week comes from filling our spiritual gas tank every day.

A couple days on my mission, I'm not perfect but I wouldn't study out of the book of Mormon and study other materials (bible, pmg, other scriptural insight commentary etc) and every day I did that, I would feel depressed inside, well it wasn't depressed but I felt empty in a part of myself. So I was thinking and found a book of Mormon reading card, and now I am reading at least 2-3 chapters per day and have read 21 since last Tuesday. Holy cow. I never realized how much of difference reading the book of Mormon does to you if you read every day, it seems to satisfy your spiritual hunger inside of you and helps to bring the spirit in abundance in your life, for me I have found that having a reading card with one of those cross off once read really helps because you are always wanting to read more and more chapters and out of all the things that I do I would have to say that getting in a chapter or two in the morning will help you out more than almost anything else that you can do. And now I have made a commitment to myself that I will read at least 1 chapter a day if not 2 or more.

Well thats my email for this past week, I hope yall are doing good wherever you are!
Always remain true and steadfast in the lord!

Elder Bolliger

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