Monday, February 7, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Fresno Week 42: From Fresno to Lemoore, Spanish Speaking, Amazing Investigators, Still Bugged in our Apartment, Polynesian Sisters!

Greetings from another kind of weird public library.
Well, the news is I am being transferred! I am going to Lemoore, a little town close to Hanford, CA that is where the Naval Air Base is. Here's the kicker though, I am going to go serve with Sister Lemalu! The sister that I step-trained! Another kicker.........I am going to speak Spanish. The area has always had spanish speaking missionaries, and the sister that I am replacing was a Spanish speaker. Sister Lemalu speaks NO spanish. I jokingly wrote President a weekly letter in Spanish and I'm thinking that joke is coming back to haunt me! Sister To'a served there and LOVED it so I am excited and incredibly nervous to go and pick up this spanish nonsense. There is a spanish group in that ward and investigators and members that are only spanish speakers. Gah! This gringa is kind of freaking out but I am excited for the challenge and have already started studying my "Precidad Mi Evangelio" again. Lol. What was President thinking?!!??
We have been working closely with a part member family and they seriously have the cutest kids ever! The little kiddos are half-Hawaiian and are absolutely adorable. We have loved going to their home and the best part was they were able to come to church this Sunday!
Country music got in our way again. Haha. An amazing investigator was on her way to meet us at the church for a lesson but she got stuck in INSANE traffic on her way over because of the country music concert at the Savemart Center. Haha. She had to cancel her appointment with us that evening as she sat for at least an hour in a standstill. Haha. I knew there was a reason I didn't like country! Lol.
The cockroach saga continues. So, we had them come and spray again, under threat from our Housing Coordinator that they would move us if things were not resolved. We also got a complimentary carpet cleaning out of the deal. So, we moved everything out of our cupboards again and let the bug man do his thing. The next day was our carpet cleaning so we moved EVERYTHING from our apartment into our kitchen. And this is a realllllllllly small kitchen. We stacked our desks on top of each other, moved our bedframes, the bookshelf, kitchen table, dressers, and everything else you can imagine. However, things have not changed. If anything they have gotten worse. We now have some new kind of bugs in addition to the cockroaches, and they are EVERYWHERE. Hahahha. The sisters will probably be moving soon. It has been quite the adventure!
I am apparently a giantess and our service as of late has involved using my supposed height to reach things for people. Seriously. I've taken down curtains, dusted on the top of cupboards and fridges, and anything else that would require someone of my height with my arm reach. Haha. Imagine their surprise as I tell them I'm the runt of the family! Their eyes get really big and they just look up at me in shock. Hahahha.
Sister To'a got the call that she is training a new missionary and I am so excited for her and the Fresno 5th area! Things are seriously on fire here with missionary work and I know that things will continue to progress as she does her training thing. Lol.
This has been quite the transfer with an unusual dose of ridiculousness and laughter. I've had so much fun to get to know Sister To'a better and am seriously going to miss that Tongan girl! My trainer, Sister Tupou, finished her mission last week so these Tongans are leaving me left and right! At least I'm going with a Samoan, so we're keeping it on the polynesian family. :)
Peace be the Journey,

Sister Bolliger

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