Friday, July 27, 2012

Elder Bolliger Grand Terrace Week 94 - Final Transfer, Tender Mercies,Answers to Questions

Hello family and friends from the Colton 1st ward.

This past week we had a number of awesome experiences that I am glad are happening for my last transfer in the mission.

So on Tuesday was transfers and got the rest of the ward ( it was previously split) and my new companion, Elder Crandall from Vancouver, Washington.  And the fact that I have to combine both areas is still a little confusing but I am off to a good start.

On Wednesday nothing really happened, we started to visit people and got around to some of them, a recent convert and an investigator but it really wasn't going anywhere on that day, but we were still hopeful.

Thursday is where things started to improve, we made a big long list of people to go visit and we had splits later that night, but when time came we had not been able to contact all of the people quite yet, so we went on splits and interestingly enough the people we visited or tried to visit were those on the list. Which we thought was awesome, but we still had to try more.

Come Friday we had a visit with our investigators but that got pushed back and we had 2 visits with members, one who suffers from an anuresym and the other is Victoria and her kids.

Here comes Saturday.

So on this day we decided to start with a prayer and a had a big long list of people to go see in addition to our 2 main invesigators, Carmen and Natalia G, we met with them and set a baptismal date, and the younger one who is 9 said the closing prayer and the spirit was there as it was very sincere, they even came to stake confrence the next day. Her older Sister Natalia went to girls camp this past week and loved it and now we have some more fellowshippers for her! its awesome.

So on our list was an unknown member  that missionaries taught in the past and 4 part member families to try. So we tried all of them, and by the end of the day we were able to see All  of the people on our list and all but one ( the LA guy) said that we could come back.

And I have never had that happen before, currently we have 10 lessons set up this week ( 7 of them are with non-members and mostly going to be with members there as well),
So on stake conference Sunday, our two investigators (Carmen and Natalia came to stake conference, pretty good for just being the ages of 9 and 12). One of the members who fasted earlier that week came up to us and said that when he finished fasting no names came to mind, but his wife came home later that night and told him that one of her coworkers wanted to take the lessons, and he didn't even tell her he was fasting :). And yesterday afternoon we got another referral from the Spanish missionaries who cover our area were tracting and found some more people to teach. We anticipate teaching another 4 more lessons than we have scheduled right now this next week.

I am so happy that I am finishing on a note like this.

Elder Bolliger

Answers to questions:
What scripture has stood out to you the most this week?

2nd Nephi 25:26, which is a great scripture that teaches us all how we must be examples to our children and point the way for them to see how to pray and gain a remission of their sins, its how we can all be shepherds.

What principle or doctrine seems to be the lesson you are learning this week?

Actually this earlier one, for one of the members in the ward I was sending them a scripture of the day and it was that one and later that night we used it in a lesson with a very less active family. it was the perfect application.

What is your goal for this week?

Well during church I had some ideas and goals to accomplish before the end of the transfer.
Finish the Book of Mormon for the 4th time, finish the NT and D&C.

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