Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 67: Fellowshippers, Showers, My Final Zone Conference Testimony, Easier to Wake at 6:30am, Romans 8!

Well, greetings once more from the Lemoore library.
This week has been quite the week! We were finally able to get some of the fellowshippers we had lined up to come to lessons with our investigators!!
The big thing this week will be a shower for Frankie! A dear sister in our ward is putting on a shower for this less-active sister. She just turned 18 and is having her first baby in less than a month! We are teaching her husband.
When one of our investigators, Pattie, came to Church last week, she noticed a sister in the Ward that gave some comments in Relief Society. After church, Pattie asked us if that lady could join us in a lesson! Way to fellowship herself! Haha. This sister came with us and we had a POWERFUL last half of the plan of salvation lesson. This sister reminds me SO much of my Grandma Sorensen. She is a teacher by trade and just puts things so splendidly! It was amazing how Pattie opened up and shared with us some of her concerns. Pattie is very excited to keep attending!
We were also able to line up a cute Filipino sister in the ward with another investigator. Maria is 78 and still has quite a quick wit! Her daughter is a member in southern California and so we went to visit Maria after finding her name in our Area Book. When we came with this Filipino sister, they started going off in Tagalog! Haha. Then we heard Maria's thoughts on how Filipinas are the best. Hahah. It was rather precious. She will be coming to church next week when her daughter comes up to visit for a high school reunion! Sweet!
We had another splendid lesson with Alicia, a daughter of a recent convert, that we have been working with for quite some time. She has experienced some heart-wrenching things in her only 16 years, but that night, for the first time, she finally seemed humble and open to the message of the gospel. She closed our visit with a prayer and oh my goodness! It was amazing! Sister Croft and I marveled at the change in her demeanor.
We are having a zone conference on August 11th. Because we only have zone conferences once a quarter, any missionary that is going home before the next zone conference has to bear their testimony. The Zone Leaders were joking around with me about how it's my time to bear my testimony this zone conference, and after thinking about it I realized it's true! This will be my last! Ahhhhh. Where has the time gone???
I think I have FINALLY found it easier to wake up at 6:30AM. Haha. Finally! I have been doing it my whole mission but only lately have I been able to open my eyes and function more quickly! What a tender mercy.
I have been rereading one of my favorite chapters in the Bible--Romans 8. We shared it with a sister that is really struggling Sunday night and I was amazed how truly all of the gospel is centered on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. God's love for us and his sacrifice are really what my testimony is founded on. As we read the words of Paul, before some of the most bitter persecution the Church encountered, he tells us that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. He reminds us of our divine natures and how with Christ we are joint-heirs to all that the Father has.

Peace be the Journey,

Hermana Bolliger

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