Monday, August 15, 2011

Elder Bolliger - Hesperia Week 51: "If you aren't having fun, you aren't working hard enough!" Awesome Spirit Finding, Pure Intelligence

So this last Thursday our two week missionary went back home as his two weeks were up, they seemed to go fast and to go slow at the same time. Since this last Wednesday up until now work is just getting crazier and crazier, referrals are practically falling into our lap and we are getting more new investigators and more new people than ever.
Its the missionary work that I love to do, where you get out at 10 am and get in at 9pm or 9:30pm at night, it seems like its crazy though but really a good quote is " If you aren't having fun you aren't working hard enough" and I have come to see how true that statement really really is. Everything is starting to really begin to take off, but the work in this ward is interesting because we need to find and have new investigators while helping strengthen the ward, one of the ways is going to everyone, less actives, part members as well as active members and asking them for referrals and just overall strengthening peoples testimony in the gospel and of Jesus Christ. Well we started and taught 4 of them this past week, but come Sunday and after thinking about our lessons we came to the conclusion that we need to drastically change the order of the Restoration Lesson, instead of going through all of the Principles in Preach My Gospel I felt inspired to start off with prayer and then go teach about prayer and how joseph smith had questions that he couldn't answer and he was reading in the epistle of james and then tell the restoration account and then how all of the other principles ( God is our loving heavenly father, the Gospel blesses families and prophets, the book of mormon and the holy ghost) are all impacted by the restoration of the gospel with questions like "How has the restoration of the gospel enhanced your view of Jesus Christ and his atonement" or "How has it blessed your family that the fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored once more again on the earth?" and questions like that, because as we are doing that unbeknownst to them they are testifying to us about a principle of the restored gospel and that is literally how easy it is to tell a friend about the gospel and about what you know in the gospel. You don't have to teach a 40 minute lesson and when I was coming up with this I learned what revelation feels like, it really does feel like pure intelligence is flowing into your mind at an increasing rate that is hard to keep up with.
I can't wait to teach this to some of the members in our ward, its going to bring so many blessings to us and especially to them as we are starting our 40 day fast here soon in a week from today and we are going to be also calling people and encouraging them to fast for missionary work, its starting on august 22nd and ending september 30th, literally the day before general conference. Its going to be amazing!

We also had a an awesome spirit finding tracting experience this past week, the first 4 doors we knocked on that Elder Gibson wanted to go tract from a prompting all were interested and said come back, and this happened in 30 minutes, I have only ever had that once on my mission and I can't wait to go back and to talk to those people now.

Well there are some pretty amazing photographs that I am including in this email, and one funny one there are 3 pictures of one of the most incredible sunsets I have ever seen, the sun was setting and it was causing light rays to shine through the clouds, one of moms favorite things ! all tied up in string. the next is an awesome sunrise that I took while hiking a mountain at like 4:30am, crazyness but it was way sweet.

This week was incredible but just wait until next week, its going to be even more incredible!
Elder Bolliger

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