Monday, July 18, 2011

Sister Bolliger - Lemoore Week 65: Knock, Knock, Who's There? Wake Up... it's the Sisters with Shirts, Skirts and other Awesome Miracles!

This week we had some awesome miracles!
Probably the most prominent was the cute little Flanders family. The husband is not a member, and the wife is due in one month with a little baby girl! We were able to go with them to a member's house for dinner on base and it was a fabulous time! We had delicious food, they were able to meet another cute couple in the ward with little ones, and we were also able to have some stellar cupcakes (banana bread with maple frosting. yum!). The Flanders family then fed us for dinner on Saturday night. And.. duh duh duhhh. They FINALLY made it to church on Sunday!!!!!! Although the husband had watch, he was able to get off for an hour to come to sacrament meeting! As they fed us Saturday night, the husband mentioned that he couldn't find any of his button-up shirts. Sister Croft and I looked at each other, grinned, and ran out to the trunk of our car where we just happened to have a white button-up shirt in Ian's size with a snazzy tie. Hahaha. They were like... whooaaa!! They were running a bit late to church because it took a while for the husband to get off watch. After Sacrament, I had the thought to just check in the foyer, and there they were peeking through the doors to try to find where we were. Haha. They're adorable! They both looked so darling and already mormon-like that people thought they were just a couple that had moved into the ward!! Wahoo!! They are reading the Book of Mormon and praying together. They have been practicing a lot with their prayers. Haha. It's adorable! We have a lesson with them this week at a member's house (who happens to be in his same squadron) and our mission president's wife is coming with us!
We saw SEVERAL people at church on Sunday. I loved it! We were running around like crazy. There were some part-member and less-active families that were like.. "We need help waking up!! Just come and bang on our door until we get up!" Well, little did they know that Sister Croft and I were totally serious about that. Haha. We knocked on one sister's door and then on her bedroom window (her idea). The window was partly open so I took a page from my mother's book and then started to sing a song I made up on the spot. Haha. Finally...she opened the door. Haha. We made her turn on the light and then we were off to the next family's house! We helped wake up some of our investigators that are teenage girls and helped them get ready. I donated a skirt to one of them and she looked so ADORABLE! She has never worn a skirt to church before. :) She wore it for the whole day!
We taught english classes on Sunday as well. Our schedules are getting super busy! We were able to go through a particular trailer park to invite all to the class we would be teaching in that area. Well, that idea proved to be inspiration. Instead of finding lots of only-Spanish speakers to come learn english, we found MANY new investigators. It was amazing how prepared they were for the message! We were able to go and sit down and share the first full lesson with many of these people. So many of them had talked to Elders before in Mexico, or in other states, and it is so amazing to see how the Lord is preparing so many people for his work!
We had lots of investigators at church on Sunday and it was so fulfilling to see the Ward Council finally see those people that we have been speaking of for so long!!

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