Monday, July 11, 2011

Elder Bolliger - North Fontana Week 44-46:

Hello family and happy late 4th of July. Well on Independence day we hiked Cucamonga Peak and it was a long day and a long hike a head of us. We woke up around 3 am in the morning and got to the bottom of the Hike around 5am and promptly started there, it was a long hike up but we arrived around 8:30 in the morning and stayed there an hour and a half. A couple days before I had the awesome idea to bring an American Flag up to , I mean its the 4th of July and why not? its independence day and it would be cool, so after getting to the top and eating some snack bars and water I fastened it to a lone dead tree up top, it actually turned out to be cooler than I imagined up top you could see a ton of the inland empire looking south and the high desert cities by looking north, it was sweet to see. And then came the hike down from there, which honestly on my feet wasn't the best and got pretty sore, i'm thinking that 16 miles is near my current limit for walking. But while we were there I took some incredible Photos. (See Blog dated 7/18)

After getting home and showering we were exhausted, it was a long day and we took a nap until dinner time when we went over to the Wilden's house, a family that offered to feed us as no one else signed up for that day, it was fun and an amazing evening and we could see a ton of firework shows and all of the sudden we started to hear thunder which I have not heard at all so far in California for the past 11 months and it poured, for only like 15 minutes, random and especially in Southern California during the summer, crazy.
In our ward this past sunday I helped to contribute some good ideas for stimulating missionary work and getting the ward involved, one idea that came to mind that we are going to work on this next week and get implelmented is a 40 day fast like our ward did back in Round Rock Texas. I have a good feeling about it and am looking forward to it.
Well the heat is back on here in Southern California its been a little humid recently but nothing spectacular. But the ward is slowly warming up to us but I am probably going to be transferred out of here next week as transfers are coming up.

So today we are having a Pig Roast at a building in Rancho Cucamonga. Tongan style by the Tongan Elders but its not the traditional in the ground pig roast but an above ground one. So I will have pictures next week of that.

So I hope that yall have a good week back home, and that you get some rain soon!
Elder Bolliger

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