Monday, July 18, 2011

Elder Bolliger - North Fontana Week 47: Last time in Fontana Summit Ward, Lots of Planting Seeds With 40 Day Fast & 15 Names List for Later Harvest

Here are photos from last weeks letter describing a hike on the 4th of July for the Fontana Zone.
One is of the American flag I brought up top Cucamonga Peak.

A cool panorama of the Inland Empire. Another photo is of a really cool tree that reminds me of a carrot, or is it a toothpick?

Some clouds coming over the top of the mountain.
Another photo shows all the members of the Fontana Zone who made it to the top with the American flag, and finally another is a picture of me on top of the world. he he!

Well this is the last time that I will be here in the Fontana Summit Ward, both me and my companion are leaving tomorrow its called a white wash here and we will both be transferred and two new elders will be put in here tomorrow morning, its exciting and a little nervous all at the same time about the next transfer, so as I am looking back and thinking about this transfer and about what we have done here and literally the things started to come together like yesterday during ward council which we pretty much attend every week and help out in the ward, we are starting a '40 day fast' activity in conjunction with the dinners in the ward to encourage the members that are having us to fast and then end the fast with feeding us and inviting investigators to that dinner, its a giant culmination and consolidation of all of the ideas that we have been having in terms of missionary work all into one big ward unifying goal, and then we have the realization that we are both leaving and all of this is going to help missionaries down the line, planting and fertilizing the harvest for the next missionaries to help reap the rewards and our ward council is really getting into this and I am glad that I could help out with them, but we will not be here to feel the effects of our labor.

Well this past week we had a lesson with a family since they were on our 15 names list, which we also helped to get going much, much more than in the past, another thing that will help out the ward to increase. And it was with an older couple that lived with his non member son there, we were teaching the plan of salvation to them and after we got a part of the way into it we invited him in to sit and learn with us, once he did the spirit was brought there in a much greater way than before and our lesson plans shifted into more him and teaching to his needs, it was awesome to have the spirit there to testify of our truthfulness and about the plan of happiness that we were sharing about, we all felt that the lesson went over good and I am glad that we could have experiences like that to help us in the ward.

Elder Bolliger

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