Thursday, July 1, 2010

Visalia Week 10- Great Times as a Triple, Small World... Missionary Tablecloth, Thanks for the Encouragement, Walking ever Walking in 102degrees :)

Times have been great in the triple combination composed of Sister To'a, Sister Hernandez, and Sister Bolliger. We are getting along insanely well and the members keep commenting on how they enjoy hearing us giggle, tease, or just generally coexist. I guess we're going to need to hide the jesting a bit more. :)

Apparently, I have red hair. In the ward and mission I am described as the tall sister with the red curly hair. .... I'm not ready to be a ginger! Haha. But it has been fun and the color keeps changing as we're out in the sun so often!

So there was someone in the Singles Ward that I knew named Nathan Clements who served here in the Fresno, California mission. This is an important detail to keep in mind as I relate the following story. We went to the Hayashi home for dinner on Sunday. In their family they have something called the Missionary Tablecloth. It is a tablecloth that is used at every dinner with the missionaries and each missionary gets a half sheet size of paper to write their advice to the Hayashi children about serving a mission. You write your name, the town you're from, and the year to complete the missionary message. Some Elders drew pictures of falling off a bike and admonished making sure that the chain was on the bike before pedaling. Some Elders talked of reading the Book of Mormon and ways to prepare spiritually. Anyways. as we were eating dinner I happened to look down at the advice from one elder--and lo and behold it was Elder Clements! From Austin, TX! What a small world! How strange that not only had he served in the same mission that I'm in, but that he had dinner at the Hayashi home. It was a funny moment!

Thank y'all so much for the wonderful letters and encouragement. It has been really helpful to hear of how things are going at home and to hear of the wonderfulness that is occurring with everyone!

We're getting lots of practice in helping out people that are struggling with keeping their commitments, woo, but it's all good. The heat is getting pretty ridiculous and we take pictures of our sweat stains after our ventures outside. Haha. It's pretty attractive I have to say. It is nice that it's not a humid heat--but I don't care humid or not, 102 and up is hot!

We currently have 6.4 miles left on the car and have had that many for the last 5 days. Which means that we have been walking EVERYWHERE. And are sore to the max tambien. Haha. But wonderful members of the ward have offered us rides and transported us to various destinations which has been a blessing to us and also to them as well. :)

We're heading up to the Sequoia's next week so that should be fun! An opportunity to wear pants in public and venture out there to see some huge trees will be fun to see what the real world is like!

Peace be the Journey!
Sister Bolliger (The Younger)

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