Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Visalia Week 11 - Extra Miles, BBBBLLLUUUUEEEE, Sequoia's, Writing Answers to Prayers, Scripture of the Week 2 Nephi 31:20

So randomly this transfer has absolutely ZOOMED! We find out this Saturday evening about transfers. I cannot believe that another six weeks has gone by! I am pretty sure that I'm staying because we got almost twice as many miles this month for the vehicle--something I don't think they would have done if I wasn't staying. Blast! Because Sister To'a and I are already here...there's a strong chance they would leave both of us in the ward. But we're both super newbies! We've both been out just three months--and so we're a bit apprehensive at having to learn everything new and not have the stalwart senior companion to lead. Haha.

It's hard because we know the triple combination is going to end. :( It is incredible to see how the Lord puts us somewhere where we can be used. Sister To'a has been able to reach two Tongan families in our ward that have not been receptive before to Church interaction. There is such a small population of Polynesians here that I can't believe that two of fifteen families that the ward has asked we focus on are Tongan! We are all super crazy and I don't think I have laughed this long and this hard in my entire life. Seriously. So just imagine that ridiculousness that is ensuing. Probably the funniest thing is that we play the most intense slugbug game. Like full on punching. I am not kidding. What's hilarious is that sometimes the members see. Hahah. We'll be getting a ride from a member and Sister Hernandez will just deck us screaming, "BLLUUEUEEEEEEE." We always try and question the hitter and then start asking, "Where??? where? I don't see it!" Haha. The members always comment on how much we giggle and get along. It's like having a permanent sleepover. So that always makes it fun! We are still focused do not even worry.

So we spent an eternal car ride this last Monday. Graciously some members in the ward took us to see the Sequoia/King's National Park. It was so nice being where the temperatures were normal and all good! We were able to wear pants--which was also a blessing! It felt like we were sinning, but we weren't. :) The most awesome part of it all was that after we had lunch at this lodge, a girl came up to me and asked if we were missionaries. I, of course, responded to the affirmative, and then I asked her if she was LDS. I should have just opened by eyes because she was wearing her young woman medallion! She then brought her family over and talked about how her mother had served a mission in her native South Korea. Wow! It was so fun to chat with them about the gospel. They're from Canada and down visiting national parks for a summer vacation--and it was so great to talk to members under the shade of the massive sequoias. :)

The work continues going well. I have found how incredible it is when we write down the revelation that we receive, and then at the end ask if there is more. I have received some very pointed and direct answers to my questions that I know will help me in my mission and in my purpose!

The favorite scripture of the week is 2 Nephi 31:20. I have come to realize that we can have a perfect brightness of hope as we have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Because He revealed himself in his perfect nature, we are able to have a perfect hope in and through him. This verse helps me continue to feel peace as I keep on keepin' on and do what I need to do to qualify for eternal life!

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