Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Visalia Week 9 - Waxing Strong in Tongan and Spanish, Friendly Encounters, Walking & Walking, Tired & Happy!

Well, I am currently typing my weekly informational and oh-so-hilarious email in the midst of a computer lab that is half full of missionaries. It seems as if our entire district is here and the sea of white shirts is amusing. If there's a hungry soul here I'm sure we'll sniff it out. :)

I have continued to wax strong in my knowledge of the Tongan language and have increased my vocabulary with only the most applicable of words. With Sister To'a's presence in our companionship, I am the only one that is not bilingual. But I'm taking a worthy stab at spanish and tongan and enjoying the process. My favorite words currently include: Talangofua (obedient), mingimingi (curly hair), lango (fly), fakasesele (crazy), tokoua (sister), 'ulu 'ulu (black person), palangi (white person), miko (mexican person), ma'alahi (cute). Hahah. Oh so fun.

We had an interesting encounter with our Pentecostal neighbor. His wife was washing their car as we passed by on our way back from an appointment. We offered to help her, and then being the wonderful missionaries we are, began to talk to her about the gospel. Her husband ran out lickety split, with his bible I might add, and began to discuss the intricacies of his gospel knowledge and challenged us with many a scripture. Contention began to fill the air, and I took charge thanking him for his knowledge of the scriptures and refusing to engage in a battle. I had an MTC teacher discuss that in such "bible bashing" opportunities, no "perfect comeback scripture" exists that will immediately change the perceptions of the person challenging us. Funny thing is that we saw him at Food Maxx yesterday and he was very friendly and cordial--quite a turn from his attitude previously. So who knows what will happen with him!

I can't believe that I will have been out for three months on this Wednesday! We're about half-way through the transfer as well...so time is just absolutely flying by! It is fun serving with Sister To'a. It is sad..her companion was sent home and Sister To'a really hasn't had an opportunity to work full-strength on the mission as her first companion had several health issues that limited her work each day. So have we ever introduced her to the always going methods! It has been interesting being in a trio. We look more like J-Dubs than ever..but it's all good. :) They're also both about 5'4" with beautiful dark skin...and then there's Sister Bolliger here with the afro and pasty whiteness. It's a beautiful dichotomy.

Well we had a grand ol' time last evening. We only have 470 miles per month (and this was after being given 170 more after hearing of my no biking issue). Yesterday we calculated that we have only 47 miles left for the rest of the month. Whoops! I guess because our church building is about 10.4 miles away it eats up the miles fast! We had an appointment quite a distance away and couldn't find a ride---so we walked an hour to get there. Just as we were three houses away we checked our voicemails and found out that the good sister had cancelled. :) Not able to find a ride and not near any other members or proselyting areas....we walked back the full hour to our apartment. But then we had to scurry along as it was getting dark and we are not supposed to be out walking during this time. Hahaha. We woke up SO SORE today! Thank goodness for stretching. :)

And that....is all!

Sister bolliger

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