Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Visalia Week 7 - Clean'n House, Peace is the Journey, Golden teaching moment, Tired & Happy!

Greetings my people!

Well, today finds me in the rather extensive Visalia Public Library computer lab. And boy is there a lot to tell!

My new companion, my "step trainer", is absolutely awesome! Her name is Sister Hernandez and she is from the Bay area, more particularly Freemont! We have had a grand ol' time adjusting ourselves to Visalia life. We doubled in after Elders, meaning that the Elders were taken out and we, the sisters, were just put in--both new together! We moved into the Elders apartment, which *ahem* was interesting. Since transfers were last Wednesday, we had to wait until yesterday (our preparation day) to clean. And boy did we clean! GROSS ALERT. One of the tender previous Elders would pick his nose and then place the BOOGER ON THE WALLLLLLL. I was already washing the walls that were disgusting until I noticed this pattern of consistency and color and boy oh boy I wanted to shoot him! Hahaha. I spent five hours cleaning the bathrooms and I think we're finally starting to get the apartment to smell like females live there--or at least anyone hygienic. :) The mantra of the day was "divide and conquer" --Sister Hernandez spent three hours just cleaning the fridge and oven. Haha. And this was after we had done a little prep cleaning when we initially got there. All in all, it's starting to feel a bit more like home. :)

This area is ... different than my last one. The ward boundaries include some incredibly insanely wealthy people, but we were still blessed with a few humble (and thus potential) streets. This ward has its own ideas on pretty much everything. And not everyone is excited to see Sisters because we are messing up the system. Hahahah. Yes. Laugh away. This is another exercise in humility and charity for Sister Bolliger. Our christlike attribute we're studying together as a companionship for the transfer is charity and the quote that is written largely all over the apartment is Elder Bednar's advice: "Choose not to be offended." And we're just choosing away!

I have been incredibly blessed so far this transfer. I have not had any problems with anxiety. Para nada! I can tract, I can talk on the phone, I can do everything without the slightest thought or doubt. I am seriously and completely being blessed. You would think that because I am under more stress now with neither of us knowing the streets, the ward, or the investigators, but somehow I am actually doing better than when I was in a place that I was comfortable. I guess the Lord does know what he is doing!

My companion and I get along swimmingly although there is no swimming involved. Hah hah. She speaks better English than I do I think...and we have a lot of fun! She is a workhorse and I have never felt better or more exhausted. We work really well together and I am excited for the next five weeks that we get to share together!

The bike is still out--orders of Sister Gonzalez--so we get to live off our 300 miles a month. Hahahah. Laugh away again general public who is not restricted on mileage...laugh away. I'm pretty sure we have already used half of that allotment, but I guess it will make us dependent on the members! haha.

Funny thing. This zone had NO sisters before we got here. And they haven't had any sisters for the last 15 years or so. Which means, that not only do the members not know how to completely deal with us...but that the elders don't either! Our zone leaders and district leader have never had sisters in their areas. Hahahah. Oh boy. So, they are all even more awkward than normal, but I guess we have to rep the Sisters and not be crazy and try and be as low maintenance as possible.

The work is going well here! We met a wonderful wonderful woman last night which proves the power of perseverance. We had this investigator in the area book that we had tried contacting her at least six times. We knocked on her door at different times of the day, left notes, tried calling the phone number that was written and NADA! But, last night, at like 8:42PM we tried once more and she is absolutely GOLDEN! She literally asked us for a reading assignment from the Book of Mormon and then was talking with her 12 year old daughter that they would read together before our next appointment on Thursday. After we left their home Hermana Hernandez and I absolutely died and kind of jumped up and down and looked incredibly happy and ridiculous simultaneously. Haha. All while being missionary of course. :)

All in all, I am so tired, but so happy to be here. I know that there are lots of things I need to learn and continue to learn and I am already sad of how fast time is flying by! I think I'm at less than 16 months now...and while I'll be glad to sleep in after, I know I am going to miss the closeness to the spirit and the constant miracles that surround us!

Sister Bolliger

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