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Elder Bolliger - Upland, CA Week 81: District Leader Trainings, Things I've Been Leanrning

Subject: First week being a dl in upland

Date: March 19, 2012

Hello family,

So for the past week from tomorrow, I have been district leader since my other companion Elder Jackson went home for school.

And I had to prepare a district meeting for them, so I decided to do some from the book, Spiritual Roots of Human Relations because it helped me to look at the Restoration and to look at how it really does boil down to the root relationship between God and man.


Question to open it up: Is our enthusiasm for the Restoration and what it can do reflected in our conviction to others? This message is so important and it seems (And even I haven't done this all the time) like our conviction is just boring compared to bold and loving b/c of what it can do for them.

God <-----> Man

Look at the first vision in Joseph Smith History and how it helps out people in relationship

God is Real,

God and Jesus Christ are two separate glorified beings of flesh and bone.

God answers prayers, and is reachable.

God knows us individually and by name, he cares about all of us greatly and wants the best for all of us.

The Heavens are not closed.

This is just what it is in 2 scriptures in JS:H and help everyone out about how they can strengthen their relationship with our Father in Heaven. This is what we need to communicate with our investigators and this is why the first vision account is so powerful, the spirit conveys to the hearts of men the truth of these statements and bears witness of them.

We can then look through the perspective of the spiritual relation between God and man and then looking at all of the lessons can see the love that God has for us and can see how this works for our investigators, then I went on from there on the Gospel Salesman / Gospel Teacher and how we can all improve to aim for becoming gospel teachers, its not an easy thing in the beginning but its the thing that is more worth it in the end. While we were on this topic I was showing how becoming a gospel teacher is building your foundation upon Christ and then one of the sister missionaries shared Helaman 5:12, and then I shared about the experience driving up to Utah, the spirit was here in a very large measure and it was humbling yet edifying for me, also from there we talked about the wise man and the foolish man, its a primary answer to a question much older people ask. But that was last week and I thought it was good, I also brought guacamole and it was tastily delicious. But that was last week and I have already planned a lot for tomorrow and will continue to think about it this upcoming week, its humbling to receive the revelation and direction for District Meetings, also we role played door approaches with this new found focus, which we will do tomorrow and help everyone else to improve and help each other out.

Katie how would that be for a district meeting? I shared that last week.

Another thing that I learned was in D&C 50:22 about the Holy Ghost and how it says 'he that preacheth and he that receiveth, understand one another, and both are edified and rejoice together', but that when the spirit is there during a lesson its there for them as well even if they don't recognize it but that they need to open up their heart to the spirit.

Well we had 2 days of leadership training, where we learned that Elder Ballard is coming to the mission and we will be hearing from him for about 2 hours in April, I can't wait for it.

Also I had some other experiences in this ward in helping them out to improve their organization and missionary work in general.

And last night I re-found why I need prayer so much, in applying some of the things that I learned about it. It was a good spiritual experience as I humbled myself in prayer.

But I hope yall have a good week ahead! And I love yall so much! (only 4 1/2 months to go!)

Elder Bolliger

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