Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Elder Bolliger Hesperia, CA Week 68: Awesome experiences helping families, Christmas Day Confimation

Hello family from Hesperia,CA where its nice outside and I am in the middle of a desert.

This past week was really good as we had some awesome experiences and we have a baptism coming up this Thursday!

Well there is a family that we have been working recently with, they are a part member family where the dad has been off and on for the past couple of years, so we were talking to bishop and he told us to give the father a deal, that if he came and talked to him and was clean for w.o.w. for a week then he would let him baptize her, so we went over there and told him about the deal and he accepted, and said that he would be at church on Sunday, well we hoped that he would go and talk to bishop before Sunday and our hopes went down a little bit.

So on this story, fast forward to Sunday, we are at church and every one of his family is there except him. So I get a little down on myself thinking if only he would come and talk to bishop and baptize her! So while we are singing the sacrament hymn he walks through the door and sits down! My companion and I were so happy when that happened as it had been a long while since he came to church and now he really came, well he talked to bishop and after that bishop comes in and says, well we will be having a baptism on Thursday @ 6:30 and we need to start preparing it, so since yesterday at church we have almost all of it completely planned out now and ready to go.

So the baptism will be on Thursday while the confirmation will be on Sunday, yes confirmed at church on Christmas. This is going to be a really, really special one for them as well as for me.

There were some other highlights of this past week, but nothing really compares to the one that I just shared though, our work is looking to start picking up in Janurary/Feburary as February is now a missionary month with a 40 day fast and missionary themed speakers. So work is starting to pick up and I am getting excited for this ward.

I don't think that I will be moving but I think I have one more transfer after this.

Oh and my trainer just went home today, yes he trained me that young.

Elder Bolliger

Talk to you on Sunday!

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