Monday, December 5, 2011

Elder Bolliger - Adelanto to Hesperia Week 64-66 : High Desert in the Maple Tree Ward, 2 Thanksgiving Dinners, Singing Bass at the Creche Festival

Three Short letters make for one long entry :)

Elder Bolliger Week 64

Hello family, well I found out that I will be getting transferred again to the high desert on Tuesday and out of Adelanto, CA.
I really wasn't expecting to go but we will see how it all works out on Tuesday, I think I will be going to Apple Valley next. Well, yesterday on Sunday its was difficult leaving this ward after only being here one transfer, I didn't realize the effect that I had and it was not easy leaving the ward, I helped to get a lot of investigators/ and a few families a lot closer to listening then they had in a year or two but I believe all will be well as I move onto the next area. Although this transfer doesn't seem like much fun being only 2 days before Thanksgiving but it will also include Christmas and New Years so that should be a lot of fun.

Next week I will tell you guys where I am and I am also excited to find out where exactly that is. But we will have to wait and see.

Elder Bolliger

Week 65 - Hesperia Maple Ward

Hello family well I am back in Hesperia, CA and right next to my last 2 areas, its the same stake as the Greentree Ward, and I am learning to adapt and to apply myself here. And I also had Thanksgiving here actually 2 Thanksgiving dinners, and we have been getting too much food recently and unfortunately probably gaining some unneeded weight as well.

Well we had a really really slow week as pretty much everyone cancelled their appointments on the day before and day of Thanksgiving. But this week will be a good one for missionary work and it will be fun though, there is a cookie making competition at our ward Christmas party - Helgas cookies and cloud light rolls.

Well have a great week and I will send pictures the next!

Elder Bolliger

Week 66: Hesperia Maple Ward
Hello family or should I say Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad?

Well I had a pretty good week this past here in the Hesperia Maple ward, we had some good appointments but the best one was just last night, a little back story.

So yesterday during church we had an area authority attend our ward council, well that was a lot of fun actually as we all learned a lot from him thinking of asking the question for investigators and less actives - What is the next ordinance that they will be doing?
For some of them he would say - the sacrament which even I sometimes forget is one of the most important ordinances in the gospel. Using that knowledge we taught a lesson last night where we emphasized the importance of the sacrament and actually got a committment out of the family to all come to sacrament the next week, it was awesome! And the 10 year old daughter has a baptismal date in 2 weeks.

Also on Saturday in Upland,CA there was the Creche Festival where a ton of different groups came together and sang and during that I was part of the basses in the choir and after practicing for the past couple of weeks we got fairly good but no where near what happened on Saturday night, it was incredible it reminded me how much I love to sing in Choirs like being in the "He is Jesus Christ" contata and it brought back so many memories from it, it was awesome! And I hope to sing in many more choirs in the future as I forgot how much fun they all are.

Well up here in the High Desert it gets pretty chilly every day now in the 50s for a high and the 30s for a low, and I have come to realize "Red at night -sailors delight, red in the morning - sailors warning" about rain is completely true. Its worked the last 3 times I have seen a red sunrise even though there were no rain clouds in the sky, apparently it has to do with light defraction/refraction plus the low pressure system.

Well I can't wait to call in a couple of weeks, it will be so awesome to hear y'alls voice!

Elder Bolliger

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