Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sister Bolliger Arrives in Fresno - Day 1

Sister Bolliger's Letter - Fresno Day 1
I am writing you from the mission home in Fresno, California!!! The plane ride was on the smallest plane that I have ever ridden...maybe 36 people? It was ridiculous. :)
I have already gone tracting today. :) In the RAIN!!! It was perfecto. Just as Sandy says, it really is the best.
I had so many anxities and doubts but I have turned to the Lord and sacrificed the doubts, fears, pride, and laziness for my misison for I know that it is through sacrifice that things are made holy and I want nothing more than to make my mission a consecrated effort to the Lord! Since I have prayed incredibly long (I rival you now Momma) and asked that these things be purged from my heart and mind I have felt no fear. Zero. As in cero. As in nada. I have never felt this way before!! And today my faith was not daunted by the slammed doors and potential bashers that met us.
One more random fact--apparently sisters don't have to wear panty hose in the summer! This is the BEST NEWS in the entire world! The best news since curlkeeper was created to give you an idea of importance in my mind. :)

I love you all. I love Fresno, CA.
We met the outgoing elders and sisters that were leaving Fresno, and one of the sisters was companions with my trainer! Apparently she loves to laugh and we have an awesome area. This sister rode bikes the entire time on her mission. Wahoo!
I also have already used my spanish. What a gift!
Love you all!
Sister Bolliger

We just received a phone call from President Gonzales, Fresno CA Mission President.

Here's a few things we learned.

He recommends sending mail and packages directly to the mission home. Missionaries receive them within a couple days of the letters arriving at the mission home. Packages will usually be delivered in a week.

Sister Bolliger's first area will be serving in the Riverview Ward in the Fresno Stake.
Her companion is a Tongan Sister that he described as "full of faith!"

There are 20 sisters in the mission.
10 English...10 Spanish... speaking
Missionaries get to attend the Fresno Temple .... every 4 or 5 months.


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