Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FRESNO WEEK 5: Couches, Pianos, being Schooled, Thus the effects of Hymns and Scriptures

Well, it has been another humbling and eventful week here in the Riverview ward.

I have been ill at I think seven members houses so far. Haha. Lying on someone's couch while your companion leaves the spiritual thought is always a humbling experience. I call it instant humility. I can usually gauge how prideful I have been in the previous hours based on the severity of the attack. Haha.

The most random thing I have to share is how much I have played the piano thus far on my mission. It is ridiculous. NO ONE seems to be able to play. I have played at Zone Conference, in Relief Society, in Sacrament Meeting (MTC), for special musical numbers, etc. I have played hours of prelude and postlude music and have come to seriously enjoy the crazy random hymns. Somehow word has gotten out that I was a piano teacher, and I am now being volunteered to play. It has been fun though! Several members have grand pianos and it is such a joy to be able to play on them. Too bad I don't have a memory--playing some old pieces I studied would be fun! (but probably not very missionary..lol)

I would like to discuss the hilarity and validity of the phrase: "You are being schooled." :)

A school is a place of learning, an opportunity for growth. However, as with most anything that is valuable, it requires a degree of sacrifice. You give up doing the day-to-day so that you can learn something of importance. You go consistently and have daily assignments that help reinforce concepts taught and provide steady progress.

While all of that is fine and dandy, there is a hilarious definition stemming from the American vernacular. If you are "schooled" it means that you have been completely demolished by another entity, put in your place, and made aware of your own insignificance or lack of skill when compared with another.

With that said, Sister Bolliger is truly being schooled by her mission.

On the one hand, the mission is a place of incredible learning, of growth, and of light and knowledge gained because I am giving up the trivial day-to-day worries and schedules to learn something of importance. I study consistently and have daily goals and tests to reinforce the truth I testify of--which should all generally provide steady progress.

I am also being "schooled" because I am constantly made aware of my own insignificance. That truly, everything is up to the Lord. That no matter how many Old Testament stories I can explain, how many scriptures I can color code, or how many doors I can knock--my commitment to the Lord isn't to be the best and make others convert, but to be the best I can be--only compared with my individual potential--and provide the choice for others to exercise their agency.

Next week is transfers--which totally weirds me out. Wasn't that an eloquent way of sharing that time is flying by? That change is part of the plan--so I should learn to accept it? :)

In retrospect of these last few weeks...I feel like I am living in a movie. There have been so many seriously weird, awkward, hilarious, random, and just odd experiences that I constantly look around searching for a video camera, a microphone, something to indicate that this situation was put together by a comedic mastermind searching for his or her box office hit. Because it would be a hit. People are just so weird. Haha. And I totally know that I am one of them...I'm part of this movie. Don't even worry.

Well .. obviously I am losing my ability to be coherent. But no matter, the spirit is the teacher, right? :)

Last but not the least, we have started to sing a hymn at the beginning of our lessons, during companion study, etc. and my word how wonderful the hymns are! I have just recently started to actually pay attention to the lyrics and oh my--that is all one needs to learn about the gospel! The truth, the advice, and the ability to succinctly share testimony through a few verses completely takes me aback!

I used "thus" in my prayer last night. Reading the scriptures constantly will do a number on your vocabulary. Haha.

All in all --- The work continues to go forth. Craziness continues to amuse. And the Spirit continues to edify.


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